The openPIP Project

 The Open-source Protein Interaction Platform (openPIP) aims to develop an open-source platform to host protein-protein interaction (PPI) data based on the Proteomics Standards Initiative - Molecular Interaction (PSI-MI) TAB format and creates a web portal for the protein interaction projects. Customization of openPIP contents and user interface (UI) is performed through a GUI admin panel does not require programming experience.

Announcements and News

openPIP beta is available for downlaod


The beta version of openPIP is available for download now at

The openPIP Platform

openPIP allows building a PPI database with a customizable web interface that enables searching, visualizing and analyzing the interactions as well as downloading the search results in different formats. The openPIP on-demand analyses for the PPI search results include gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis, pathway enrichment analysis and protein complex enrichment analysis. Currently, openPIP is used to build the web portals of two major projects, the Human Reference Protein Interactome Mapping (HuRI) Project [Luck et al, Nature, 2020] and The Yeast Protein Interactome Mapping (YeRI) Project [Lambourne et al, BioRxiv, 2021]. openPIP is freely available online as a ready-to-use virtual machine and alternative options for installation are available as well.