Open-source Protein Interaction Platform (openPIP)

OpenPIP is a web-based platform that provides the protein research community with a deployment-ready platform to store, search, analyses and visualize PPI data in the standard Proteomics Standards Initiative - Molecular Interactions (PSI-MI) TAB format. openPIP is deployed using a Docker container and the PPI data is uploaded as a single or multiple PSI-MI-TAB files to create a web portal with PPI database, a customized appearance and editable page contents, all through a GUI admin panel and without modifying the source code. It also provides multiple on-demand analyses for protein sets including gene ontology (GO), pathway enrichment and complex enrichment. The source code for openPIP is freely available and can be edited to meet the specific needs of different research groups. openPIP was used to build the web portals of two major interactome projects HuRI (human) and YeRI (yeast) [Luck 2020, Lambourne 2021].