Dataset Number of interactions Publication Download tsv Download PSI-MI
HuRI 52569 BioRxiv HuRI.tsv HuRI.pmi
HI-union 64006 BioRxiv HI-union.tsv HI-union.pmi
Test space screens-19 1159 BioRxiv Test_space_screens-19.tsv Test_space_screens-19.pmi
Lit-BM 13441 BioRxiv Lit-BM.tsv -
Yang-16 729 Pubmed Yang-16.tsv Yang-16.pmi
HI-II-14 13993 Pubmed HI-II-14.tsv HI-II-14.pmi
Yu-11 1190 Pubmed Yu-11.tsv Yu-11.pmi
Venkatesan-09 196 Pubmed Venkatesan-09.tsv Venkatesan-09.pmi
H-I-05 2765 Pubmed H-I-05.tsv H-I-05.pmi

Terms of use

The data and web portal are made available to the public under the CC BY 4.0 license. Users of the web portal or its data should cite the web portal and the HuRI publication. For updates on the articles to cite, please, check back in prior to publication of your work. In case only a specific published subset of the data was used, please, cite the original publication as indicated above.